Friday, December 02, 2011

Sedona Journal Special Issue ~ Predictions and Possibilities for 2012

The world's most acknowledged and renowned spiritual writers and channelers have come together ~ by special invitation of the Sedona Journal of Emergence ~ to offer their sneak previews into the most amazing events poised to unfold in the exciting year ahead - 2012.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Galactic Council of Light Thanksgiving Message 2011

The Galactic Council of Light Gives Thanksgiving for YOU 



Dear Earth Citizens,

We truly give thanks to all of you on planet earth who are marching full team ahead to bring in the new energies, the light, the new dawn of the golden age that we are heralding in your awareness on this very day.

It is with great thanks that we acknowledge what you have done, your energies, your brave unveiling of your gifts, your dedication to clear the pathways for the immersion and infusion of higher galactic and divine conscious to descend, infiltrate and finally flash change the evolutionary consciousness of all earth beings who are ready ~  in their soul choice to shift to higher consciousness awareness and to experience living in unconditional love.

Recent events ~ particularily the 11:11:11 doorway opening ~ have allowed massive new amounts of energetically encoded information to reach your planet in a transduced level that is available for absorption and assimilation  by earth beings now. 

Now, this information is being decoded by your newly evolving brain and neural capacities to decipher and decode the light codes that are releasing on your planet.

It is with great intention and with great thanksgiving that we send you today ~ in this opened doorway between time and space dimensional curtains ~ the newest highest vibration of thanksgiving that you are yet able to receive, transduce, hold, and manifest into your current reality structures.

Thank you lightworkers, star-team members, starseeds, enlightening humanity, wisdom keepers, wisdom teachers, receivers and activators of divine knowledge framed in unconditional love, holders of the codes, holders of the intentions for planetary ascension, transmitters of the new energy

Thank you all for every thought, every word, every deed that you have created to add to the stockpile of intentions for the great shift in consciousness to successfully unfold on your beloved planet Earth - and to ripple out and unfold into the far reaches of the galactic container.

We send waves of gratitude to you on this day of galactic celebration and jubilation at all your successes that have followed each of you ~ who are  adding your pieces to the great unfolding of divine consciousness in the beautiful experience you call the 3rd dimension.

Prepare now ~ for the magnificent unveilings in store for 2012.

Continue to evolve yourselves beyond old energies ~ in a loving manner ~ to continue to evolve yourselves to receive more and more waves of the higher consciousness. 

GRATITUDE is definitely a higher consciousness wave.

Happy Galactic Thanksgiving ~ from our heart to yours!

We are The Galactic Council of Light.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

11:11:11 What Happened? 2012 What's Next?

A report on activities around portals, sacred sites and mountain tops and what happened to different people on 11:11:11

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11:11:11 was a grand opening and many chose to participate in sacred ceremonies all around the planet.  Whether it was a ceremony of one, or a ceremony of multitudes, collectively, we amounted to a creative mass of humanity envisioning, wishing, and co-creating the grand vision of what we want to see unfold in front of us next.

Here is a report of some of the energetic unfolding that occurred for those consciously tuned-in to the energies of the day.

Included is a clairvoyant description of the galactic portal of Lake Titicaca – which was sending forth giant beams of energy and connection.

Elsewhere, people were continuing their personal and karmic clearings, meditating, having deep and profound flashes of insights about so many things in their personal and earth history.

11:11:11 Portal and Sacred Site Gatherings Report

Your Heart is the center of all sacred places.
Be happy there.


Opening and strengthening the pathway between our New York Catskill mountain portal with Lake Titicaca (between Peru and Bolivia) and with other sacred sites and portals around the globe.

As you listen to this audio at any time, you can weave - with your intention - a connecting pathway to the glorious Lake Titicaca portal and to other sacred power paces you are drawn to with your heart’s love.

Groups all around the planet are doing intention ceremonies - and we connect and amplify with all these wonderful energies being received, channeled and created. We invite you to do the same if you like.

Vision of massive energetic shiftings and awakenings in the Arkansas crystal cave.
Golden and white and platinum energetic waves are set in motion.

I see the Lake Titicaca portal as serenely still - deep, vast - holding the mysteries and the potentials of the unmanifest cosmos.  All is in divine order in this portal - and the energies are being released and streamed into this dimension by the power of love of all the spiritual activity being done today by groups and individuals all around the planet.

Radiant rays are increasing multi-dimensional frequencies originating from this galactic portal and universal connecting doorway.

This portal is like the stambha referred to in the Sanskrit texts – the central rod of power. This is a cosmic stambha cutting through the heart of our planet.

What the Inside of a portal looks like – description of the Galactic Portal of Lake Titicaca clairvoyantly.

The equinox lights of the planetary galactic portal of Lake Titicaca were stunning, amazing, brilliant, and awe inspiring – a galactic aurora borealis.
The portal itself was a radiant deep purple - looking like the inside of an amethyst studded cathedral.

Radiating out of the portal was the most gentle and sublime lime green light – like a searchlight sending out diffused beams of light… sending…. sending… sending….? What to be revealed...

This combination of lights was spell-binding. And very soothing.
I had completed a 5 hour journey by land and by sea to arrive in the middle of Lake Titicaca on the eve of the equinox. (This 5 hour trip was the tail end of a month of travel in Peru visiting and attuning to the energies of around 15 or so sacred sites and light portals prior to the equinox weekend.)

As I was sitting out under the glorious belt of diamond stars studding the pitch black sky, a huge golden meteor zoomed horizontally across the edge of the sky. Wow! Was all I could think!

I tuned into all the individuals and groups around our planet who were gathering and/or intending to celebrate this most glorious event in our earth evolution, and could feel the planetary momentum gathering.
And that was from the human side.

Then I tuned into the guidance force that was equally excited and geared up for this momentous occasion.

The magnificent lights of the portal were spectacular – both powerful as well as gentle simultaneously – a magical blending of the feminine and masculine energies. All was primed and awaiting this most blessed event to begin at dawn the next earth day.

The Incan mythology tells of the perfect man and the perfect woman arising from Lake Titicaca to begin a new female-male balanced creation. And the lights from this portal on this equinox perfectly reflected those energies.

I slept hardly at all that night - just savoring the energies of the moment, and wondering what my part – as on physical location at the major inter-galactic portal of Lake Titicaca would be.

As I queried my guides how to proceed, they said I should just lower myself etherically into the portal. Now you must understand that this portal is VAST VAST VAST. It goes through the earth plane, and comes out into another dimension, and connects with MANY galactic points.

The Lake Titicaca portal is a major portal funneling energy into our dimension. It also holds a complete collection of time codes to initiate and guide evolutionary cycles on this planet.

Our guided channel and meditation is from the Cosmic Council of Light - 

which includes Archangel Michael, Reshel (the feminine aspect of Metatron that sees that all is created in love), the Elohim Angels of ForGIVEness (who help us erase old mis-creations and install higher operational templates), among many other loving radiant beings of good will and intention.

They present a 11:11:11 Invocation of the Rays from the Platinum, Bronze, Amethyst, Silver, Gold and Diamond Core God Cell Rays to connect us with the Galactic Portal of the Lake Titicaca and the portals and sacred sites we love and cherish in our hearts and minds.  We also interweave our intentions with various groups and individuals around the planet doing ceremony and connecting with the planetary grids of higher consciousness.

Through our intention, we BREATHE these rays into a global distribution of divine service and enlightenment for our planet in a collective offering of service to all of humanity and Mother Earth, now

We share in an Intentional Circle during which we plant the seeds that we want to see grow in the next cycle.  This is like gardeners starting their seeds indoors - before the weather is conducive to planting them outside in the garden.

Some 11:11:11 Shares 

ANTONIA, keeper of the Land of Grace retreat in Virginia, saw a fountain of light. 

“It was a full spectrum fountain of very loving energy - encompassing people on the center.  As I walked a labyrinth, I became aware of galactic line ups, and divine symbols. I felt the land beings, the dragons, the elementals, and the mountains definitely.

“We went to Chalice Grove. It was a really delicious nice circle there.
“Then we went to a sacred garden. We stood around the golden rectangle and proportions there.

“It was beautiful. I personally deepened by connecting to people all around the world. I felt the connection rather than through visions or seeing. I was clearing a lot the last few days and getting clarity in my life with past events.

THUNDER – Cherokee ceremonial keeper

“The Blue Ridge Mountains are all excited about everything going on. They're the earliest mountain ranges on this continent - the most beautiful, the most mystical. 
“Greetings from my father’s ancestors who are the native people from long ago... my ancestors are here.

“Mt Shasta and Mt Fuji just came into my mind - very strongly. I revived my memories of them and he power they hold.   

“From the top of these mountains – I saw coming a very thin cord like a spider web that is uniting them. They are lighting up.  I see a golden thread - silvery blue at first like a spider web made of the mist of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

“Then when the two mountains connected, a golden light came on for me.”

“Sedona came in for me. I was going to go to Sedona for a vision quest - there were certain red rocks I was drawn there.  I did all this research on the Arkansas crystals and that grid opened up for me.

“I am intuitive - feeling - noticing my own process. My whole inner journey was trying to move into this outer journey. I mapped it out like a google map trip.
“On the map I found all these green houses in a little cluster in Arkansas. My compass was just drawn to those towns in Arkansas and then connecting through New Mexico and Sedona.  

“Antonia had been talking about the crystals. I saw beautiful magenta light pulsating and something was connecting.   I have a few things that are lining up.
“I was also clearing away debris.”

“The mountain rangers are Path Keepers. They keep the lines of communication open. All the mountain ranges are in communication.   

“Thunder is one of our path keepers.

“During this guided meditation, a little orange red ladybug with white eyes kept walking around the edge of a 6 foot diameter table – reversing directions.  It looked at us as it walked.”


“My heart feels full and satisfied! Thank you!” 

I hold you in the Creator’s Light.



Pat Crosby


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Sun Activity on 11:11:11

Radiant Chakra Meditation - Full Activation

Get Ready - 2012 Ascension Help ~ Support Tools ~E-chakra Course, Free Audios and Videos, Private Sessions +

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Preparing for 2012 - And 11:11:11 What is 2012? How Get Ready?

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Dear Spiritual Friend,

We are on the threshold of a very important and very powerful time. A time long predicted in the ancient as well as modern prophecies about the timelines unfolding on our beloved planet earth at this time.

11-11-11 is heralded as a great breakthrough - a long-awaited breakthrough.

What does this mean?

We are all familiar with the fact that our earth and fellow planets revolve around a star we call our Sun.

We note how our position in the great movement around the sun affects everything about our lives - whether it is the daily change from dark night to sunny day, or whether it is the longer cycles of the changing seasons - from spring to fall, summer to winter.

All of these changes make vast changes on our human behavior and thinking patterns. For instance on a hot sunny day, we tend to eat light foods, and wear much lighter clothing.

On an overcast wintry day full of blizzards and intense weather, we tend to eat heartier foods, and wear many protective layers of clothing - all over our bodies, from feet to hair on our head.

Our conversations more often than not include noting the current weather - as this weather is an underpinning to how we will live out our live on any given day.

If it is pouring rain, we might decide to cancel a planned outing to the beach.  If it is blazing hot sunny, we might decide to stay inside and sip cooling drinks - waiting for the heat to pass.

Weather effects how and even IF we can travel – as anyone stranded on a jet on the runway during a blizzard can well attest.

Just as our planet earth revolves around our sun - with its many consequences for us, so our whole solar system revolves around another star. Mystery schools call this star Alycon - or The Great Central Sun. Space agencies such as NASA call it Galactic Center - there are solar systems that revolve around it.

The cycles of time are of quite different length if we measure our journey around Alycon.  "Alcyone" (pronounced "el-sigh-uh-nee")

(Wikipedia adds: In Greek mythology, Alcyone (pronounced 'alkioni') was a demi-goddess who turned into the halcyon bird)

Our earth year is approximately 365 days – and measures one complete circuit around our sun.

Our solar system takes MANY earth years to revolve around our Central Sun Alycone.

Just as there are seasons on the earth, there are "seasons" in our larger journey around our Central Sun.

These seasons have been measured and charted by ancient astronomers from several cultures.  The Mayan Calendar, as well as the Vedic calendar of ancient India have mapped out these giant time cycles. (Giant in relation to our perspective, of course - tiny compared to other cosmic vantage points – or beyond measure in other dimensions.)

And just as the seasonal climate changes effect most, if not all, of how we live each day on our planet earth, these larger seasons effect so much more about our daily lives.

11:11:11 is a marker date when there are amazing galactic alignments and openings that will usher in new energies. These new energies are being used to heal and uplift us all. Metaphysical and spiritual groups all around the planet - who are attuned to these energies - are gathering to amplify the infusion of these energies, and intend and pray that all of humanity can be opened to the healing, restorative influence of these beneficial energies.

We know how much we welcome the coming of the spring season after a long harsh winter. Similarly, we are welcoming the beginning of the galactic cycle of “energetic spring” now, to refresh, restore, and regenerate us after a very long harsh dark cold time on planet earth.


Think of a tiny acorn - lying on a sidewalk. You will hardly notice it. It seems highly inconsequential.  Yet if you come back in 50 or 100 years, there will be a new giant oak tree there - where before there was just space.  So it is with the energetic seeds being planted now by spiritual farmers.

We are in the springtime of energizing cycles, as it were, where we are planting seeds of intention which will sprout, grow, and bear fruit in future parts of the cycle.

That is why so many groups are gathering to clear the decks of older patterns - such as a gardener clears all the old growth at the end of the growing season - preparing and making room for the next year's planting.

The season of planting seeds - the seeds of intention - now for what we want to grow, bloom, and produce fruit for the next cycle that is upon us now.


Those who have been keeping track of these cycles and reporting on the galactic seasons and "weather" ahead, have given us many insights and ideas to prepare for the upcoming spiritual planting and growing season.

Here are some tools to assist you

We’ve prepared this little audio as a primer to get your oriented.

This informative audio of explanation, breathing, setting intentions... celebrating the gift of the opening of  11:11:11 is prepared so that  you can use it beginning now  to attune and align yourself with the new planetary energies that are continuing to come onto our planet leading up to the heralded 12:21:12 date. That date is a marker date by some calendar configurations, but the energetic changes are already well underway, and will continue well past that specific date.  

Overall, these changes sweeping our planet are known in spiritual circles as The Great Shift in Consciousness - and many spiritual writers and channels have commented extensively on this subject, how to align with it, and what it all means.

We suggest you make a small Offering for this service on the donation button at

Of course, the figure of $11:11 comes to mind - but you can offer whatever you wish.

When you offer, you open the circuits of giving and receiving more generously. It is also a well-known spiritual law that the more you give, the more you receive.

LISTEN - WATCH this message
Same audio file – 3 different versions – choose your preference

Audio video on Youtube

Audio Only – with Music

Audio Only – NO music background

Your Envisioning: WHAT would YOU like to create -- for yourself, your loved ones, your community, our planet, the galaxy? Frame your requests for the highest good of all.

If you like, ASK The Angels of ForGIVEness for release and forgive any old patterns, hurts, negative memories that surface at any time -- either as you are listening now -- or anytime you are going about your daily activities and memories come to mind.

Use this meditation as often as you like to clear old energy patterns and make room for new ones of higher frequency. Up to 50 times a day is beneficial - though set your own easy and relaxed pace.

WHAT do you wish to create for yourselves?
Envisioning your Destiny - what do you want to create for yourself, your family, your community, the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos.

Take a few moments now, or after this meditation to journal your wishes. Be sure to frame them for the Highest Good of All, and allow divine consciousness and wisdom to permeate your desires to raise them to the highest possible frequency at this time for you and your loved ones.

Then just ALLOW the cosmic forces to rearrange the light particles to be of service to your highly-intentioned requests of service and divine enlightenment.

You can find the links referred to in this audio as well as other support tools and information at

I hold You in the Creator’s Light.



Portal Empowerment in Catskill Mountains, New York State

11:11:11 Gatherings - are being held all around the planet in various spiritual power spots. Also in homes. And through audio and web programs.  Many are meditating quietly by themselves and holding the vision and intention to draw in and anchor these new energies into the earth energetic grids of light - such as the Crystalline Grid.

We gather together on this opening onto times of higher frequency waves of loving light merging into and onto our planet - in this time called 11:11:11 - the opening and connection to higher galactic forces of wisdom, knowledge, love, and enlightenment for the highest good of all.

There will be a live channeling of the beings on this portal on what is important for our individual and collective journey at this time.

Ours is in the Catskill Mountains of NY State in Delaware County - on a sacred mountain with a high frequency platinum and gold light particle portal.  There are also blue ray and violet ray portals on this mountain. We will go into the portals, learn the revealed history of the platinum-gold portal of planetary service, and receive an initiation and frequency infusion of the energies in this portal.

                             There is very limited room for this gathering - so please
RSVP ASAP if you are drawn to this workshop gathering.

We will have a guided meditation guided by the Cosmic Council of Light - which includes Archangel Michael, Reshel (the feminine aspect of Metatron that sees that all is created in love), the Elohim Angels of ForGIVEness (who help us erase old mis-creations and install higher operational templates).

We will have a channeled 11:11:11 Invocation of the Rays from the Platinum, Bronze, Amethyst, Silver, Gold and Diamond Core God Cell Rays connecting us with the Cosmic Galactic Portal of the Lake Titicaca and the various groups around the planet doing ceremony and connecting with the planetary grids of higher consciousness.

Through our intention, we will BREATHE these rays into a global distribution of divine service and enlightenment for our planet in a collective offering of service to all of humanity and Mother Earth.

There will be guided meditation with time for you to journal your individual messages and insights.

There will be an Intentional Circle where we plant the seeds that we want to see grow in the next cycle.  This is like gardeners starting their seeds indoors - before the weather is conducive to planting them outside in the garden.

We will CELEBRATE  the turning of the ages by sharing a pot luck meal and refreshments. Please bring organic vegetarian goodies (dairy and egg OK). Put your love into the food to raise it to the highest possible vibration for our group evolution.

Offering $77.77

To Register and Information

Call  845-434-3829 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            845-434-3829      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Leave message if machine picks up. 

Video and channeling from previous workshop held in Virginia



We’ve spent the last year preparing a special chakra opening, clearing and empowering home-study course. It is now online for you to download as an e-program.

Here are some short and simple and powerful support tools that you can freely turn to again and again as you need do during these and coming times of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

If you would like help clearing and empowering your chakras (energy centers)

Access the e-course at Lulu

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This chakra clearing and empowerment e-course is offered for special 11:11:11 pricing  - reduced from the full price.
If you cannot afford the suggested offering, please email to set up a donation, or work out a trade.
Proceeds from offerings are used to promote forgiveness and sustain our web costs.

We’ve put this up as a special price of $111.10, of course, in keeping with the spirit of the times.  As with most of our offerings, you are welcome to make a donation for this course if you are short of funds and will receive the course by special email rather than downloading it directly from the website.

If you are drawn to access the course this way, just use the donation button at and put a note on the donation page as to what you would like to receive. We also ask you to pay it forward by putting out the message of availability of these support tools to others in any way you can – rather it is word of mouth, email, blogs, social media – however you share information.

I hold you in the Creator’s Light.
Pat Crosby

Individual Spiritual Guidance Sessions

A few slots currently available now through Nov 30, 2011. These include clearings and guidance of your issues as channeled by Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Council of Light and your guides. They work at a soul contract and soul mission level – helping you clear issues and karmic entanglements that arise in each session.

Sessions are approximately 2 hours long, and include an MP3 audio of your session.
Also included is a preliminary conversation before the session - usually by phone, but sometimes by email, where we discuss how the session will work, what you want to work on, and an invitation to the guides to come into your arena and begin to help you clear and raise your vibration for the times ahead.

$275 per session.

Free audio download of The little ForGIVEness Meditation + more audios and clearing stories at

More Info about the importance of 11:11:11

Children of the Sun

Drunvalo Mechizidek

Lakota Chief Indigenous Prophecies

Hopi Prophecy


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