Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Galactic Council of Light Thanksgiving Message 2011

The Galactic Council of Light Gives Thanksgiving for YOU 



Dear Earth Citizens,

We truly give thanks to all of you on planet earth who are marching full team ahead to bring in the new energies, the light, the new dawn of the golden age that we are heralding in your awareness on this very day.

It is with great thanks that we acknowledge what you have done, your energies, your brave unveiling of your gifts, your dedication to clear the pathways for the immersion and infusion of higher galactic and divine conscious to descend, infiltrate and finally flash change the evolutionary consciousness of all earth beings who are ready ~  in their soul choice to shift to higher consciousness awareness and to experience living in unconditional love.

Recent events ~ particularily the 11:11:11 doorway opening ~ have allowed massive new amounts of energetically encoded information to reach your planet in a transduced level that is available for absorption and assimilation  by earth beings now. 

Now, this information is being decoded by your newly evolving brain and neural capacities to decipher and decode the light codes that are releasing on your planet.

It is with great intention and with great thanksgiving that we send you today ~ in this opened doorway between time and space dimensional curtains ~ the newest highest vibration of thanksgiving that you are yet able to receive, transduce, hold, and manifest into your current reality structures.

Thank you lightworkers, star-team members, starseeds, enlightening humanity, wisdom keepers, wisdom teachers, receivers and activators of divine knowledge framed in unconditional love, holders of the codes, holders of the intentions for planetary ascension, transmitters of the new energy

Thank you all for every thought, every word, every deed that you have created to add to the stockpile of intentions for the great shift in consciousness to successfully unfold on your beloved planet Earth - and to ripple out and unfold into the far reaches of the galactic container.

We send waves of gratitude to you on this day of galactic celebration and jubilation at all your successes that have followed each of you ~ who are  adding your pieces to the great unfolding of divine consciousness in the beautiful experience you call the 3rd dimension.

Prepare now ~ for the magnificent unveilings in store for 2012.

Continue to evolve yourselves beyond old energies ~ in a loving manner ~ to continue to evolve yourselves to receive more and more waves of the higher consciousness. 

GRATITUDE is definitely a higher consciousness wave.

Happy Galactic Thanksgiving ~ from our heart to yours!

We are The Galactic Council of Light.

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