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11:11:11 What Happened? 2012 What's Next?

A report on activities around portals, sacred sites and mountain tops and what happened to different people on 11:11:11

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11:11:11 was a grand opening and many chose to participate in sacred ceremonies all around the planet.  Whether it was a ceremony of one, or a ceremony of multitudes, collectively, we amounted to a creative mass of humanity envisioning, wishing, and co-creating the grand vision of what we want to see unfold in front of us next.

Here is a report of some of the energetic unfolding that occurred for those consciously tuned-in to the energies of the day.

Included is a clairvoyant description of the galactic portal of Lake Titicaca – which was sending forth giant beams of energy and connection.

Elsewhere, people were continuing their personal and karmic clearings, meditating, having deep and profound flashes of insights about so many things in their personal and earth history.

11:11:11 Portal and Sacred Site Gatherings Report

Your Heart is the center of all sacred places.
Be happy there.


Opening and strengthening the pathway between our New York Catskill mountain portal with Lake Titicaca (between Peru and Bolivia) and with other sacred sites and portals around the globe.

As you listen to this audio at any time, you can weave - with your intention - a connecting pathway to the glorious Lake Titicaca portal and to other sacred power paces you are drawn to with your heart’s love.

Groups all around the planet are doing intention ceremonies - and we connect and amplify with all these wonderful energies being received, channeled and created. We invite you to do the same if you like.

Vision of massive energetic shiftings and awakenings in the Arkansas crystal cave.
Golden and white and platinum energetic waves are set in motion.

I see the Lake Titicaca portal as serenely still - deep, vast - holding the mysteries and the potentials of the unmanifest cosmos.  All is in divine order in this portal - and the energies are being released and streamed into this dimension by the power of love of all the spiritual activity being done today by groups and individuals all around the planet.

Radiant rays are increasing multi-dimensional frequencies originating from this galactic portal and universal connecting doorway.

This portal is like the stambha referred to in the Sanskrit texts – the central rod of power. This is a cosmic stambha cutting through the heart of our planet.

What the Inside of a portal looks like – description of the Galactic Portal of Lake Titicaca clairvoyantly.

The equinox lights of the planetary galactic portal of Lake Titicaca were stunning, amazing, brilliant, and awe inspiring – a galactic aurora borealis.
The portal itself was a radiant deep purple - looking like the inside of an amethyst studded cathedral.

Radiating out of the portal was the most gentle and sublime lime green light – like a searchlight sending out diffused beams of light… sending…. sending… sending….? What to be revealed...

This combination of lights was spell-binding. And very soothing.
I had completed a 5 hour journey by land and by sea to arrive in the middle of Lake Titicaca on the eve of the equinox. (This 5 hour trip was the tail end of a month of travel in Peru visiting and attuning to the energies of around 15 or so sacred sites and light portals prior to the equinox weekend.)

As I was sitting out under the glorious belt of diamond stars studding the pitch black sky, a huge golden meteor zoomed horizontally across the edge of the sky. Wow! Was all I could think!

I tuned into all the individuals and groups around our planet who were gathering and/or intending to celebrate this most glorious event in our earth evolution, and could feel the planetary momentum gathering.
And that was from the human side.

Then I tuned into the guidance force that was equally excited and geared up for this momentous occasion.

The magnificent lights of the portal were spectacular – both powerful as well as gentle simultaneously – a magical blending of the feminine and masculine energies. All was primed and awaiting this most blessed event to begin at dawn the next earth day.

The Incan mythology tells of the perfect man and the perfect woman arising from Lake Titicaca to begin a new female-male balanced creation. And the lights from this portal on this equinox perfectly reflected those energies.

I slept hardly at all that night - just savoring the energies of the moment, and wondering what my part – as on physical location at the major inter-galactic portal of Lake Titicaca would be.

As I queried my guides how to proceed, they said I should just lower myself etherically into the portal. Now you must understand that this portal is VAST VAST VAST. It goes through the earth plane, and comes out into another dimension, and connects with MANY galactic points.

The Lake Titicaca portal is a major portal funneling energy into our dimension. It also holds a complete collection of time codes to initiate and guide evolutionary cycles on this planet.

Our guided channel and meditation is from the Cosmic Council of Light - 

which includes Archangel Michael, Reshel (the feminine aspect of Metatron that sees that all is created in love), the Elohim Angels of ForGIVEness (who help us erase old mis-creations and install higher operational templates), among many other loving radiant beings of good will and intention.

They present a 11:11:11 Invocation of the Rays from the Platinum, Bronze, Amethyst, Silver, Gold and Diamond Core God Cell Rays to connect us with the Galactic Portal of the Lake Titicaca and the portals and sacred sites we love and cherish in our hearts and minds.  We also interweave our intentions with various groups and individuals around the planet doing ceremony and connecting with the planetary grids of higher consciousness.

Through our intention, we BREATHE these rays into a global distribution of divine service and enlightenment for our planet in a collective offering of service to all of humanity and Mother Earth, now

We share in an Intentional Circle during which we plant the seeds that we want to see grow in the next cycle.  This is like gardeners starting their seeds indoors - before the weather is conducive to planting them outside in the garden.

Some 11:11:11 Shares 

ANTONIA, keeper of the Land of Grace retreat in Virginia, saw a fountain of light. 

“It was a full spectrum fountain of very loving energy - encompassing people on the center.  As I walked a labyrinth, I became aware of galactic line ups, and divine symbols. I felt the land beings, the dragons, the elementals, and the mountains definitely.

“We went to Chalice Grove. It was a really delicious nice circle there.
“Then we went to a sacred garden. We stood around the golden rectangle and proportions there.

“It was beautiful. I personally deepened by connecting to people all around the world. I felt the connection rather than through visions or seeing. I was clearing a lot the last few days and getting clarity in my life with past events.

THUNDER – Cherokee ceremonial keeper

“The Blue Ridge Mountains are all excited about everything going on. They're the earliest mountain ranges on this continent - the most beautiful, the most mystical. 
“Greetings from my father’s ancestors who are the native people from long ago... my ancestors are here.

“Mt Shasta and Mt Fuji just came into my mind - very strongly. I revived my memories of them and he power they hold.   

“From the top of these mountains – I saw coming a very thin cord like a spider web that is uniting them. They are lighting up.  I see a golden thread - silvery blue at first like a spider web made of the mist of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

“Then when the two mountains connected, a golden light came on for me.”

“Sedona came in for me. I was going to go to Sedona for a vision quest - there were certain red rocks I was drawn there.  I did all this research on the Arkansas crystals and that grid opened up for me.

“I am intuitive - feeling - noticing my own process. My whole inner journey was trying to move into this outer journey. I mapped it out like a google map trip.
“On the map I found all these green houses in a little cluster in Arkansas. My compass was just drawn to those towns in Arkansas and then connecting through New Mexico and Sedona.  

“Antonia had been talking about the crystals. I saw beautiful magenta light pulsating and something was connecting.   I have a few things that are lining up.
“I was also clearing away debris.”

“The mountain rangers are Path Keepers. They keep the lines of communication open. All the mountain ranges are in communication.   

“Thunder is one of our path keepers.

“During this guided meditation, a little orange red ladybug with white eyes kept walking around the edge of a 6 foot diameter table – reversing directions.  It looked at us as it walked.”


“My heart feels full and satisfied! Thank you!” 

I hold you in the Creator’s Light.



Pat Crosby


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