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Conversation with Aunty Mahealani - Hawaiian Wisdom Keeper - with Pat Crosby - Youtube

Live from the Big Island of Hawaii 

Spirit Aloha Aunty discusses Hawaiian forgiveness Ho'oponopono,

ceremony for removing pebbles from the bowl of light,

her lineage,

spiritual wisdom,

fire element Goddess Pele,

Uncle Robert,

releasing trauma-drama,

full moon ceremonies in the triple blessed waters of the warm ponds on the Big Island (her "home office"),

the energy of words and sounds,

the click language of the dolphins and some Africans, t

he eagle-condor prophecies,

the shift,

herself as representing the Fire Island in the Grandmothers Circle,

the importance of song in the weave of life,

how women hold the light,

partnership with ancestors,

trust, aloha, guilt,

King Chief Kamehameha. "We're all paddling in the same canoe, and are reconnecting to love" Beloved 9th generation lineage holder Aunty Mahealani is a teacher and messenger for the spiritual voices of the ancestors within the strong lineage of na kumu, na kahu, and na kahuna (teachers, guardians, priests, priestess/ advisors, and healers) under the leadership of her ancestral Kupuna-Kane (grandfather). This translates as the “backbone strength of the heavenly chiefs.” Aunty changed neighborhoods (died) in 2021 Her celebration of life Aunty's website continues with the next generation This conversation was recorded in 2010.


Dear Lightworker Friends,

WOW!  The planetary grids have been sparkling lately.  

On Dec 24, 2009, Christmas Eve day, the Christ Consciousness Grid of golden triangles was so brightly lit up with iridescent multi-colored pastels shimmering, glimmering lights.... truly a cosmic-planetary Christmas tree!  So magnificently beautiful!!!  Sparkling their diamond lights onto the earth - which is so receptive at the stellar holiday period.

And each holiday day and subsequent openings has lead to new, richer, fuller inrushing of galactic and cosmic lights and energies.

What a magnificent time to be alive. 

We prayed for this time.  We dreamed of this time.  And NOW we are here!

Of course, we are channeling and funneling this light - as much as we each can - to the places on the earth arising out of darkness now.  And to those magnificent souls who are helping to usher in the new times amidst all the chaos of the old breaking down.  We salute them and their bravery.

It seems so many boils are popping - and getting ready to pop.  Squeeze squeeze squeeze.

After a long fallow period, my guides have suddenly woke me up to their projects... so here is an amazing interview with Aunty Mahealani from the Big Island of Hawaii.  She is a wonderful elder and world teacher.

As I prepared for this conversation with Aunty, I had the delightful and distinct pleasure of receiving the blessings of light from the wonderful group of ancestors she works with. I think you will feel their presence in this audio tape.


Suddenly, I am being called back into teaching... so here are some new classes for those of you in the Catskill Mountain areas of NY who would like to join in.

It will be a blessing to meet live with lightworkers again...

For Valentine's Day, Feb 14, 2010 our class is connecting to groups around the planet doing loving intention meditations, and especially groups in Lake Titicaca.  Today, on my meditation walk,  asking the guides to prepare me to facilitate the workshop,  they took me inside the Lake Titicaca portal again.  It was revealed to me more of the cosmic gateway features of Lake Titicaca.... they said to call it the WIZARD HOLE!

Cute!  I really like that.  THE WIZARD HOLE.   

I went in, and came out in the giant galaxy, all while simultaneously walking down a country mountain walk on planet earth.

Cool Times, aren't they?

Stay centered!  You can use the free audio forgiveness meditation

The audio reminds you to breathe in golden light particles and helps you shuck off the old energies as you go through life step by step by step....

In Loving Light,

Pat Crosby

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Pat works closely with spirit guides.
Each class will be uniquely attuned to the needs of those present.

1 - 4 PM
Love & Light & Healing with the Angels. 


Special Healings to help create the New Haiti and the New Earth.
Connecting to and understanding the galactic healings happening on our planet and with each of us right now

We will combine our energies with those all around the world on this DAY OF LOVE to increase the flow of divine love on our planet.

We will consciously hookup with the global meditations happening planetary wide on this day - exponentially magnifying the effect and power of our healing group.  

Drawing upon the healing powers of the spirit guides of Lake Titicaca  that Pat connected with and now works with after her vision quest journeys to Lake Titicaca, our own guides and angels, and other divine powers we will activate our own heart clearings and expand our capacity to love.

Channeled healing, Q & A with the energies and guides of this magnificent day of cosmic healing. 

Introduction to Healing Energies of Peru, Lake Titicaca & Machu Picchu
I FORGIVE mantra
Group Process Work
Self Healing with Golden Particles

Notes from Peru ....Love one Another

February 2008

Dear Hearts,

Today in Peru, at Lake Titicaca, I spent in Shamanic clearing..... an expected result of the all the incredible energies I have downloaded the last few days here in this doorway of planetary light flooding the planet.

I thank each of you who are participating in spreading this radiance around the planet in its highest vibration of unconditional love and healing to elevate our planet.

My one quick report from the field, is that EACH of us, to be purveyors of love and light and healing, MUST continue to clear our human templates of the drudge of ill-will, hatred, suspicion, judgment, etc, etc.

So many modalities have been streamed onto this planet in the past few decades... such as EMF (Emotional Freedom Technique) and such.

Whenever we catch ourselves caught up in an old reflex of anything other than unconditional love, it is a MOMENT TO HEAL by just turning inward and asking the universe for the tools and help to come to each of us to clear the accumulated soot of planetary garbage out of our hearts, minds, systems.

Though this healing, we can each become stronger vessels for the flooding streams of light to penetrate through the clouds of smog on this planet, and create the new golden age of love and peace we are all working to co-create.

Pat Crosby
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Humanity is caught up in the mass consciousness belief system of the third/fourth dimensions
whereby the core issues from the past and the imperfections within your ancestral DNA will cause these symptoms to manifest if you allow yourself to
feel unloved, unworthy, or feel guilt, shame or resentment in any form. 

All these negative energies are a result of deep core memories from your ancient past rising to the surface so you can release them once and for all. 

Every dear soul, in varying ways and degrees, has been ostracized, tortured and even killed in numerous lifetimes. However, it is time to heal those painful
memories of the past and with our help it is possible to do so. 

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

1 - 4 PM

*  Setting the boundaries for inter-dimensional communication.

*  Creating the Inter-dimensional Opening.

*  Invocation of our spirit guides, ancestors, angels, deities, and our divine source.

*  Golden prana particle meditation to clear, cleanse, and expand our connection to source.

*  Meditation as we connect with our guides.

*  Guided Meditation and Group healing with our guides.

*  Journaling our experiences.

* Q & A.

*  Group sharing and discussion to clarify, ground, and comprehend our experiences.


The Incan and Aymara elders selected Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day) for the ceremony to Activate the Solar Disk at Lake Titicaca. The cosmic ceremony heralds the physical re-emergence into the earth's atmosphere of those called The Children of the Sun. These are the ones destined to usher in the golden age of peace and harmony on earth.

On Feb. 14th, we will be present with people from all over the world who have been called to Lake Titicaca to hold sacred the energetic frequencies of the New Earth. All the ancient prophecies point to these powerful times. They tell us that the Light of the Sun (Son) will return to earth, opening the hearts of the global family.

We ask you to join with us on Sunday, Feb. 14th in your services, your meditations, your practices, or in groups and hold sacred this day. Using the imagination, see yourselves entwined with thousands of us at Lake Titicaca. See the sacred fires being lit as the many elders and shamans perform ceremonies that call in endless blessings of spirit for the entire planet. See the web of humanity opening heart centers to the Source of All. Feel divine wisdom and love pouring through the portal that is being opened. Imagine all of us holding sacred space and activating loving joy into our own heart centers. See an infusion of love and joy releasing and eradicating the fears and anxieties that have burdened us for so long. See our heart centers anchoring Universal Love and Light into all the people of earth. See the global family finally soaring to its perfect spiritual state of joy and happiness.

You are asked to Activate the Sun's Light Within You on Feb. 14th for the global heart of humanity. The perfect time will be whenever you feel called upon to link up with us. That is the time known as the zenith hour. We will hold you in our hearts that day as we celebrate the return of the Children of the Sun as the Spiritual Sun is ignited.

SATURDAY - MARCH 13, 2010 

Roscoe, New York state
11 AM - 5 PM 
$275 includes oils used.
Everyone who chooses will have and give a hands-on raindrop technique essential oil application.

2 SHEETS (will get oil on them)
NAIL CLIPPER (must have short clipped nails with no polish to give an essential oil application)
Massage Table if you have portable one

This class includes video, explanation, training, and hands-on application.

The Raindrop Technique is a method of using Vita Flex, reflexology, massage techniques, etc., and essential oils applied on various locations of the body to bring it structural and electrical alignment. It is designed to bring balance to the body with its relaxing and mild application. It will help align the energy centers of the body and release them if blocked, without using hard pressure or trying to force the body to change, which should never be done.

This training at Covered Bridge focuses on the energy for healers and light workers and Reiki practitioners.  Emphasis is on personal use, or integrating it into your professional practice, personal care and healing, or to use with family and friends in healing circles.

Each of the steps will be explained and demonstrated.

Variations will be discussed as appropriate.

Raindrop technique is also effective in animal healing. We will touch upon animal application in this class as time allows.

Pat will share how she uses Reiki and spiritual healing integrated with Raindrop techniques and spiritual guidance.

Pat has trained for over 200 hours directly with Gary Young, the founder and originator of the Raindrop Technique. She has taught the Raindrop Technique at hospitals, massage schools, and private classes throughout the world.

She also maintained an extensive spiritual raindrop healing practice for many years.

You will have an opportunity to purchase these therapeutic grade essential oils at wholesale and/or set up a wholesale account.

Pat Crosby began her conscious spiritual journey in 1982 when she made her first of many trips to India. There she encountered the ageless spiritual traditions of yoga and meditation. She spent 25 years deeply immersed in the ancient practices of timeless meditation on the light of our innermost self - meeting and studying with the great Masters of Meditation - on this as well as the higher planes of consciousness.

During these years she also studied and achieved the ranks of Master in several healing systems, including Usui Reiki and became adept at working and communicating with spiritual guides, presences and angels. 

The call to visit and learn the mysteries of sacred sites took her to such far off sites as the Himalayas and Mt Kailas in Tibet, Kathmandu, the many thousand years old Kumbha Mela in Ujjain India, Australia and New Zealand with the powerful Ayers Red Rock or Uluru as it is known to the traditional peoples, many trips to the various sacred spots of the Hawiian Islands, including KÄ«lauea Volcano during fiery eruptions, the traditional Place of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Grand Canyon and Napali Cliffs of Kaui, numerous heiaus - traditional sites recognized by the first peoples, and most recently, the magical places of Peru - Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca. 

She has hosted and been to many sweat lodges with recognized Elder Carl Big Heart, and walked on fire in Mexico and the United States. 

Prior to her spiritual time, Pat studied Clinical Psychology at the Ph D level for 3 years, and completed 5 years in clinical internships with a variety of human conditions from young children to geriatric populations.

Pat's business career includes several years on Wall Street as a securities analyst, and registered representative for stocks, bonds, commodities, and a registered financial planner. She also built and sustained a large international organization of marketing reps that produced over $3 million (US) in annual sales. 

She also ran a small Healing Retreat & Training house for 12 years teaching and employing several natural healing and meditation modalities. 

Pat Crosby is well-rounded, and well-grounded to bring forth this healing and meditation with the Angels of ForGIVEnessthat she met and trained with on her sacred journey to Peru. 

Currently, Pat is travelling and teaching the great guided meditation on ForGIVEness as she learned from the spirit guides she encountered in Lake Titicaca, Peru and other spiritual and healing workshops.  She also gives private guided readings.

She is offering the guided meditation onfree online, as well as offering a small pocket written version of the meditation for a nominal price so that this priceless jewel of ForGIVEness can be easily ~ and affordably ~ available and accessible to all.

Pat Crosby has taught widely for 31 years various natural and spiritual healing modalities.

She has lectured at renowned hospitals such as
*NY Cornell Medical Center - Grand Rounds
*Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY - Palliative Care InService.
*Royal Pashupathinath Hospital, Kathmandu - Grand Rounds
*Beekman Downtown Hospital, NY NY. Grand Rounds
*NY Maternity Center, NY NY.
*New Hope. South Fallsburg, NY
*Phoenix House & other rehab programs. NY, NY.

Taught in private practice of MD's, chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists, massage schools (Big Island Academy of Massage), martial art schools, public health forums, health education fairs, inservices, grand rounds, private consultations. 

Worked with all ages - premature infants to geriatric.

Worked and taught small & large animal healing.

Academic training PhD training and internships in School and Clinical Psychology.
*Post Graduate Center For Mental Health, NY CIty.
*Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
*Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research, NY City.
*Brookdale Fellowship in Aging, CUNY, NY NY.

*Summa Cum Laude, CUNY, NY NY.
Studied extensively with spiritual & healing masters in US, India, Nepal, Tibet, Australia, New Zealand, and Native American for 27 years.

Works intuitively with spirit guidance and prayer as per your tradition and/or with universal spiritual law.

Radio Talk Show Guest. NBC, NY, internet radio shows.

New book release & free guided audio meditation on forgiveness at


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