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7th Annual Spiritual Arts Fair ~ Oneonta New York - Pat Crosby presenting Sacred Mysteries of Peru Mini Workshop 2:45 PM

Complete Schedule Information, 

7th Annual

Spiritual Arts Fair!

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

9:30 AM- 5:00 PM


Free Spiritual Workshops All Day on:

Shifting Chakra Frequencies ~ Thai Yoga ~ Past Life ~ Tai Chi

~ Hindu Spirituality; Chanting ~ Crystal Labyrinth

~ Psychic Children ~ Tibetan Buddhist Meditation ~ Soul Mask Making

~ Protection from Evil in Religion Folklore, and Myth ~ Zen Meditation & Chanting

~ Instant Blessings Process ~Gaidon Heart Healing ~ Playing in our Dreams

~ Gentle Yoga ~ Visiting the Ancestors ~ Native American Spirituality

~Energy of Money ~ Spirit Guides Meditation ~ Management of Chronic Pain ~ 

Spiritual Crafts, Artwork & Gifts for Sale ~ Mysteries of the Sacred Portal of Peru  ~ Instant Channeling ~ Much More!

$5 Admission at the Door - free admission to all activities

Additional Fees for Psychic & Tarot Readings, Henna Tattoos, Chair Massage, Aura Photos, and Healing Sessions

Lunch and Refreshments for Sale
 Free Parking ~ 
Wheelchair Accessible

Unitarian Universalist Society
12 and 16 Ford Avenue, Oneonta, NY

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Lake Titicaca Guides and Empowered ForGIVEness Meditation

~ Experiential Workshop

Chapin Rm 3

* Description of the intergalactic cosmic portal.

* Message of the Portal for Lightworkers and Healers at this time

* Guided Meditation into the Portal

* Meeting the ForGIVEness Guides

* Receiving energetic empowerment to free old energies through ForGIVEness for the
Shift of the Ages that is upon us as per the 2012 and ancient prophecies. Relevance of
Light Codes

* Archangel Michael connection for protection, guidance, and assimilation of new energies


Following years of successful business activities, and Ph D study in Clinical and School Psychology, Pat was called to follow the spiritual path and study the mysteries with Masters from the Far East and Spirit Guides in many planes of consciousness.

For 30 years she both studied as well as taught natural healing modalities, meditation, and spiritual arts in India, the Himalayas, Tibet, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Peru and the US.

In the sacred portal of Lake Titicaca on a vision quest in Peru, Pat was introduced to the Spirit Guides - or Angels - of Forgiveness - who taught her a simple yet powerful forgiveness empowerment meditation and asked her to carry their message to the world.

This meditation is especially for healers and lightworkers to help them clear and be able to carry and radiate more light.



  • Psychic Readings ~
  • Yoga ~ 
  • Meditation ~
  • Playing in our Dreams ~ 
  • Aura Photography ~ 
  • Native American Spirituality ~
  • Management of Chronic Pain ~
  • Visiting the Ancestors ~ 
  • Crystal Labyrinth ~
  • Psychic Children ~
  • Tai Chi ~
  • Past Life Therapy ~ 
  • Soul Mask Making ~ 
  • Tibetan
  • Buddhist Meditation ~ 
  • Spirit Guides ~
  • Spiritual Crafts and Gifts for Sale ~ 
  • Much more!

$5 admission fee for the entire day. 

Additional fees apply for readings and healing work. 
Food available for sale.
Free parking. 

This event is a fundraiser to support the mission of the UUSO.

Diana Friedell - Chairperson
(607) 433-2089

Complete Schedule Information, 

“What is my role in the larger scheme of things?”

 “What is the signficance of my dreams?"

 “Are there effective alternative healing modalities out there that will benefit
    me, and Who is practicing or teaching them?”

 “How can I access intuition to help me with creative endeavors?"

“What do other spiritual disciplines have to teach me and help me on my life path?”

This is the 7th year that the Unitarian Universalist Society
has planned this day of spiritual exploration, lunch, shopping and play which will be
held on Saturday, May 7th from 9:30-5 PM. 

The Spiritual Arts Fair promotes community awareness and experience with a variety of spiritual practices that offer a deeper connection with the True Self essence of you.

For a $5 entry fee you can attend any one of 21+ free workshops throughout the day
between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Workshops and Bios
Pat Crosby "Mysteries of the Sacred Portal Peru - Meeting with the Spiritual Guides of ForGIVEness" at 3:00 PM

 Among those being offered at the Fair:

  • • “Native American Spirituality” with Lenny & Natasha Singer,
  • • “Past Life Regression” with Audrey Aitken,
  • • “Psychic Children” with Shaman John Coughlin & Patti Virasi,
  • • Marianne Noller with an introduction to her magical Crystal Labyrinth in
  • Brookfield, NY,”
  • • “Low Impact Flow Exercise”, a form of Tai Chi with Daniel Blacklock,
  • • “Hindu Spirituality”, by Phil Hosely, “Instant Permanent Blessings Circle,” (from
  • Cowboy Swami Shaman),
  • • “Are you Sleeping in an Energetically Safe Place” with Tim Keys,
  • • “Managing Chronic Pain”, (Marguerite Bower),
  • • “Calm Abiding Meditation” with Matthew Zalichin from Rangjung Yeshe Gomde
  • (Meditation Center in Cooperstown),
  • • “Protection from Evil in Religion Folklore & Myth, with Rebecca Elson,
  • • “Unmasking Your Soul” (mask making) with Mary Stolarczyk,
  • • “Channeling Instantly” with Dennie Lee Maslak,
  • • “Playing in Our Dreams”, and “Visiting our Ancestors” from Evelina Fuller-Lincoln,
  • • “Meditation to Meet your Spirit Guides” with Diana Friedell
  • • “Chakra Shifting Colors for 2012” with Allegra Schecter,
  • • “Request, Respond, React” from Drs. Matthew & Jill Craig from Cooperstown
  • Family Chiropractic,
  • • “Gentle Yoga” with Tracy Verma
  • • “The Energy of Money”, by Kathryn Sorrentino
  • • “Mysteries of the Sacred Portal of Peru” an Experiential Meditation by Pat Crosby 3:00 PM
  • • Zen Buddhist Meditation, Three Treasures Zen Center, Shawn Reardon
  • • “Re-organizing and Re-Interpreting Chronic Pain,” with Marguerite Ulhmann-
  • Bower

Check on-line ( for the times and locations of the

It is recommended that you arrive at 9:30, so you can sign up for the
psychic/intuitive reader, or energy healing session that you want, because the 30
minute timeslots ($30) do get filled up pretty quickly.

The Psychic readers & healers have all had to apply and do a session for a
member of the Spiritual Arts Fair Planning Committee, so we feel we are offering
people with true ability.

Psychic readers include:

  •  Adam F. Bernstein, a Psychic Medium from Woodstock, NY
  •  Cindy Staffin, Psychic Medium from Oneonta
  •  Vicki Whitney, Psychic Medium from Binghamton, NY
  •  Diana Friedell, Spiritual Psychic Medium; Patti Virasi from Oneonta, offering tarot card         readings
  •  Dennie Lee, an Oracle Card Reader and Psychic Channeler from Syracuse, who is also   offering Pet Photo Readings of current or deceased pets (please bring a photo)
  •  “Cowboy Swami Shaman”, intuitive life readings. 

You can try a Reconnective Healing® with Leslie Ann Parmeter (yes, WZOZ!), or Angela Deleski.

Try out a Reiki healing session with the Reiki Master Healing Team of “It All Works” (Lydia Gracia, Suzanne Summers, Tim Keys).

Try Allegra Schectra’s very powerful meditation and breathwork healing sessions called “Gaidon Heart Healing.”

 Justin Deichman and Jenny Mannion working as a team for you with Polarity Alignment and Reconnective Healing.

Marilyn Roper is offering Quantum Touch, 

and some of the psychics also offer healing.

Check out the detailed bios on each healer, reader, workshop leader on the web at

As you walk into the sanctuary, you will see an array of delightful spiritual crafts
and gifts for sale, 

as well as soup (from Green Earth, Corfu Diner, Autumn CafĂ© & Hunan Wok), 

coffee, tea and dessert from the Youth Group. 

You can also treat yourself to a 

  •  15 minute chair massage, from Kate Pavlacka, LMT,
  •  a henna tattoo created by Jessica Halter, or a
  •  Rising Star healing session from Sarah Root.

You can also get your aura photographed by Barbara Ellen of “Your Aura Image”.

Some of the items you will come across include 

  •  unique t-shirts from Shantytown Equality Apparel,
  •  intuitively designed metaphysical jewelry & talismans by Sherrill Berry-Wysong , 
  • the salt crystal lamps from Phil Markham, 
  • the gorgeous pottery of Jennifer Kemper,
  • the Fairy dolls and fantasy figures of Linda Kertzman 
  • essential oils, soaps and candles of Northern Catskill Essentials, 
  • the pendulums & crystals of Cassie’s Creations, 
  • watercolor artist MaryAnn Stow’s traditional and visionary art.

For a more detailed listing of readers/healers, with their bios, vendors, or descriptions of workshops and bios of the leaders,

check out the event page on Diana’s website-



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