Thursday, May 02, 2013

Angel Heart Radio ~ Changes in 2013. Pat Crosby with Annette McCoy. Listen to Complete Replay here.

What's new in 2013? So much, right? 

But not what you expected? Seems we have a LOT of cleanup going on - inner and outer.

As the new frequencies flood us and our earth, we have a LOT of old energies rising to the surface.

In this audio, we discuss how to deal with these flooding, releasing energies. 

Pat Crosby with Annette McCoy from Angel Heart Radio.


Remember to BREATHE in sacred golden particles every day!

Anayah, Angel Heart Radio Executive Producer writes:

"We are at the threshold of this most powerful time of standing in the power of Forgiveness energies.

"We are blessed to have creator Pat Crosby shares her wealth of experience with us all today. 

"Pat is a wonderful speaker and has much to share on how - by standing in compassion, forgiveness and love - we untangle the old energies, blocks and knots that have held us back."

Be releasing the past, we find our wings of freedom, expand our heart centers and empower ourselves to ignite the sacred fire of Love and Light!

Check out Pat's Lake Titicaca Peru photo Facebook album:
Peru Sacred Journey ~ Lake Titicaca and Cusco Sacred Valley. 2013

Read her article from the Sedona Journal - 2013 Predictions issue here "

These events are unfolding now...


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