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The Flower Garden Of Life - Living in the Present Moment. The Shifting Accelerates - 2010 Autumn Update

A channeled message from Pat Crosby and The Angels of ForGIVEness (aka The Spirit Guides of Lake Titicaca, Peru) and Other Celestial Friends in High Places

Dear Earth Friends,

We watch - somewhat aghast - and also jubilantly - at how well you are all navigating the treacherous shoals and currents on Mother Earth at this time.

These rip tides and currents are not just from your earth, but are waves of galactic proportions that are sweeping through your corner of the galaxy, moving mountains and high waters - on the planet as well as within you and each individual life form and product - on your planet.

All that was of your 3rd dimensional world - and that you held dear - is being dashed on the rocks of re-creation.

We know you have a history of valuing that which has come before - those who collect the antiques of items for your homes, as well as the antique memories in your minds.  Museums in buildings and in your minds are full of that which was.

At a time when things were more static on your planet and in your corner of the galaxy, holding onto and savoring memories of the past was an enjoyable and pleasant past time.

However, now, we must tell you - what is all too transparent - that trying to hold onto memories of the past is a searingly painful endeavor.  For the past is being ripped away from under you.  Your previous footings are being uprooted and cast away - as you watch on with some degree of horror - rather it be the ravages of the Katrina, the earthquakes of the Haitis, the floods of the Pakistans and Asias.  And many more re-shaping events that are underway and have yet to come.

These vast sweeping changes of your outer worlds also reflect directly the changes that are occurring in your inner worlds.  The worlds of your minds, emotions, thought constructs, institutions - in short, your whole reality are going through a vast changing.

There is nothing to hold onto anymore.  For all that is old is being swept away to sea - to the great cosmic ocean from which all Creation arises, and from which the materials and thought forms of new Creations come into being.  The Ocean of Creation holds ALL the ingredients - thought forms and substances - to make a new reality.

Your planetary mythologies are full of these understanding.  In the Indian subcontinent is encoded the fairytale version of the Cosmic Ocean from which all things emerge through the churning of it... the most sublime and beautiful abundance (Shree Lakshmi - Goddess of Unlimited Abundance) as well as the most horrific poisons that can destroy all that exists (nuclear weapons, for instance).

So how to navigate these treacherous times?  These treacherous rip currents of change?

Certainly, NOT by trying to hold onto and savoring what was.

It is time now for you to maintain a different mentality, a different mindset.  One focused on admiring each fleeting gem of creation as it floats by in your awareness.

Have you watched a loved one float in and then out of your life?  A relationship?  A job?  A career?  A house?  An idea of who you are?  A nationality - if you are in immigrant striving to put a meal in your child's mouth?  A precious concept?

It is time now - indeed it is a necessary life skill - to see life as a flower garden.

When you go into a garden, you ooh and aah over each flower when it is its turn to bloom.  Some days it is a pink rose.  Other days, a hollyhock.  Some days a daisy.  And then sometimes the golden lily shows itself.

Each flower has its days and seasons of glories.  Then it fades away - creating space for other flowers to bloom and show their glory.  Indeed, the debris of the faded flowers is the substance and fertilizer from which new flowers arise and draw their substance.

Does one go to the garden in the summer to cry over the flowers that bloomed in the spring?  To bewail the flowers that have yet to bloom - but not til next autumn?

NO!  One goes to a garden to admire, appreciate, drink in the fragrance and color dance of the very flowers that are blooming in that very day.  Going to the garden is very much an exercise in LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Going to the garden is an exercise of filling oneself with the ecstasy of the power of the thrill of creation in all its myriad forms at any given moment in time.

Now you can see the parallel directly with your viewpoint of life and all the accelerating changes underfoot as you read these magical words.

And any flower admirer can tell you,  going to the garden is so ecstatic - filled with appreciation, wonder, and amazement of the Glory of All that Is - manifest in an unending swirl of ever-different forms.

We impel you, now, to change your perspective of how you look at the changes so madly swirling around you.

We beg of you to release and let go the old ways of savoring what was, and move to a new appreciation of holding the beauty and magnificence of each moment in time as it parades its wonders in front of your consciousness - moment by moment.

We urge you to take on the stance of an Adventuress - an Adventurer - always journeying into the unknown to see what treasures and wonders can be discovered there.

We urge you to adopt a new viewpoint commensurate with your newly emerging reality of your planet and your existence.

Glory in each moment.  Look for, admire, and appreciate the magic in any given second.

Remember the lessons of the sand mandalas made by the Tibetan monks.  Spending DAYS to create a work of great beauty, intricacy, meaning.  Then - tossing it to the elements to be disbanded, and restored to its primal state of un-arranged ingredients.

The wondrous precious feeling of the joy of the creation.  And by the disbandonment of what was - widening the space to receive new inspirations for new creations.  Plus the time and space to manifest them.

Live your life like a  flower garden of precious mandalas - here today, tossed to the wind tomorrow, savored forever with the energy and joy of the process.

Do not depress yourselves nor your glory grieving that which was.  Hold onto the reality of the creation and the never-ending waves of joyful glory of This Time of Ever Amazing Changes - so magnificently flowing in your reality at this time.

You have a front row seat.  ENJOY the show,  Darlings!

We hold YOU in the Creator's Light!

Message received by Pat Crosby from the Angels of ForGIVEness (aka as the Spirit Guides of Lake Titicaca).

Pat also works closely with Archangel Michael and is offering a new series of support classes and sessions for these shifting times.

Her guided meditation to help release the energies of the past is a channeled transmission directly from the Spirit Guides of the Magnificent Portal of Lake Titicaca, Peru.  It can be downloaded at

The free audio version of the meditation is available to subscribers at


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