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Healing with the Lemurian Magenta Arc ~ Angel Heart Radio Broadcast, Wed Nov 28, 2012 Pat Crosby. Replay available.

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There is a powerful full moon eclipse coming this Wednesday. This full moon is in Gemini ~ the house of communication and dissemination of information. What a great time to introduce the Lemurian Magenta Healing Arc to humanity.

The past year I have been exploring this Lemurian grid and its many high frequency gifts it is making available to the earth plane and humanity right now as we are at the junction of the shifting of the ages.

Last year, in Hawaii, I first met this most magnificent and beneficent energetic called the Lemurian Grid. I have been asked to re-introduce its frequencies to human consciousness as the shift changes gears and we enter 2013 ~ the time period the Mayans call "The New Dream Begins".

I am pleased our dear human angel friend Anayah has invited this introduction and initiation of the Lemurian Magenta Arc Healing formally onto the planet during a special edition of her  Blogtalk Angel Heart Radio program during this powerful eclipse.

Recorded LIVE on November 28, 2012


Healing with Lemurian Energy ~ The Lemurian Magenta Healing Arc ~ A Small Fractal of the Flower of Life ~ For Healing Yourself and Your Relationships. 

Join Anayah Joi Holilly's very Special Guest guest Pat Crosby for this beautiful and enlightening program to learn how you can work with the Lemurian Magenta Healing Arc yourself, and  share the benefits with others.

This is an extremely powerful time for us all  to anchor more LOVE, more LIGHT and more HEALING energies than ever before!


Here are some excerpts I received today in a  channeled message from Reshel (the feminine aspect of Lord Metatron) and the Lemurian Council about the magenta arc healing. This is all new information on the planet as of today.

I will write this full information up soon and publish it on one of my blogs.


Message From Reshel (Feminine aspect of Lord Metatron) and the Lemurian Council about the Magenta Arc Healing

"As you work with and familiarize yourself with the graceful arcs of the Lemurian grid, you will experience its gentle loving caress that blesses both you and those with whom you intersect this light form.

As you begin to experiment with and play with this new modality, think of it as a pretty pink curve of light. Let the light show itself to you in whatever degree of pinkness is most pleasing to you: Hot pink, bright pink, soft baby pink, magenta pink, fuscia pink, rosy pink... etc.

There is a reason your society has always associated the color pink with the feminine - the girl color. For deeply encoded in your memory banks are the ancient traces, the ancient links of these soft loving vibrations that show themselves in your nervous system reading capabilities as the spectrum you call Pink.

As you think about this - and perhaps let your mind wander about this subject - exploring the galaxies of ideas about this subject - you will come to be more aware of the meaning of this vibration on so many levels of your experiences.

See the beautiful gentle wave of light flow caressingly through you and into another. Know that no boundaries can ever be breached with the Lemurian energetics, for these energies come to serve and nurture in love - not to force or inflict one beings agenda onto another.

If another being or place is receptive to this loving embrace of light - it will open up its boundaries and receive this gift in whatever degree of fullness is appropriate for itself.

We emphasize here the GENTLENESS of the Lemurian grid arc power. In your current civilization, power has often been associated with force, hostility, misuse and abuse.  But in pure terms, power is a force, an energy, that allows transformation to occur. Power is a force of good for unfolding the Creator's intentions to unfold the myriads of possibilities in the unfolding creational worlds."

Listen to the broadcast to unpack these ideas and experience the Lemurian Magenta Arc Healing.

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