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Chief Phil Lane Jr ~ "The Gift of ForGIVEness" ~ Audio Interview with Notes. Part 1 in a Series by Pat Crosby



Welcome to this audio series with indigenous elder and global leader Chief Phil Lane, Jr.


Here is Part 1 of the series.

Future Audios topics in this series include 2012, Eagle-Condor prophecies, legacies, stories, healing and more.

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Chief Phil Lane Jr ~ "The Gift of ForGIVEness"
Hereditary Chief and World Leader

Audio Interview Series by Pat Crosby

In this straight forward and revealing interview, Chief Phil Lane Jr shares his heartfelt  journey as he learns the powerful freedom and empowerment that comes from forgiveness.

In this living oral history, Phil clearly and powerful shares his trials and tribulations and victories along the bumpy road  of healing his own and social injustice ills.

Phil shares his deepest and  profound spiritual journey  and describes the signs and  messages that saw him through the dark night of his soul, and let him know he was on the path. He shares the setup that helped him master the spiritual lessons that he will carry forward into the next world.

"Forgiveness is one of those most powerful forces, powerful gifts, powerful - that will propel us in the worlds yet to come.  Just like our eyes and arms and ears carry us in this world,  so will the spiritual qualities of forgiveness, kindness and compassion, do the same in the worlds yet to come."  ~ Chief Phil Lane Jr

Topics,  References and Links Mentioned in this Audio Interview ~  
For A Deeper Understanding of the World Context in Which Phil Describes His Journey

READ NOTES HERE ~ Includes link to Phil's websites and history

Conversation continued in audio series.

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