Saturday, January 01, 2011

Meditation on a Snow Crystal ~ OR what to think about while shoveling snow

By Pat Crosby

The Cosmic Teacher is Everywhere ~

 Even in Your Driveway Full of Snow!

While enjoying the pristine beauty and stillness of new falling snow, and having a walking meditation of moving shovelfuls of these miraculous geometric forms from here to there, I was struck by the great cosmic lessons the little snowflakes hold for each of us.
My wisdom teachers from higher dimensions began to speak to me… the infinity of snowflakes in my driveway illustrating the divine immense abundance of perfect and unique souls sprinkled all through the earth and universes known and yet unknown.

Oh silvery white emblem of infinite magnitude.

How intricate are your patternings.

How joyful is your design.

How much in perfection is your uniqueness.

When I look through the windows of your designs, I see into another dimension.  A dimension of whiteness, stillness, fullness, perfection.  Your portal reveals diamond clarity.

Sometimes you shimmer and reveal all the myriad colors and permutations of the rainbow ~ the bright hues, and the pastel shadings of the higher dimensions.

What a miracle of creation you are.  None other can compare to your infinite beauty, your infinite perfection.  Yet all your brother and sister snowflakes are similarly endowed with perfection, beauty and uniqueness.

Each of you sing loudly of the still perfection of your detailed design.

You, Dear Perfect Crystal Snowflake, teach how each person is also a totally unique and beautiful design of the All That Is.

Can I lift my gaze from your brilliant perfection, and turn it to my fellow persons, and also see the divine perfection in them?

How much more perfect are they ~ for they have overlaid the divine perfection of the basic light grid pattern of their DNA with the intricate markings of the cosmic artist that each soul is.

Some have colored their design with bright brilliant colors of the autumn sky, the golden leaves, the burst of spring gardens.  Others have decorated their design with pale and muted colors.  Some have chosen the rich black of the fertile soul.  Some the bronze of the falling leaves at the end of summer.

Each is a unique and amazing artistry of individuality.

As I gaze and contemplate your perfection, Sweet and Dear Snow Crystal, can I also see the intricate perfection of each individually designed and decorated human soul?

What's more, Dear Snow Crystal, when you have finished gracing us with such delicate beauty, you graciously surrender your crystalline form and melt into the silvery life-giving gift of water ~ and flow to reach people wherever they are. How generous and eternal are your gifts, Dear Snow Crystal.

Grant me this grace of love and acceptance of all that is and our family of human beings, Oh Source of All that is Perfect.

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