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Get Ready - 2012 Ascension Help ~ Support Tools ~E-chakra Course, Free Audios and Videos, Private Sessions +

The Ascension process is a grand experience. 

We are here to support you 
going through the eye of the needle, your personal clearing, and coming into the light.

Remember to BREATHE the golden particles to align with the new energies

How~to audio is a free download when you subscribe at

Here are some short and simple and powerful support tools that you can freely turn to again and again as you need do during these and coming times of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

Many are free, others are low cost or by donation, some are set price.

Clear Issues and the Past ~ Letting Go?     8 Chakra Home Study eCourse


A whole year went into preparing a special chakra opening, clearing and empowering home-study course with the guidance and tutelage of Archangel Michael and the Elohim Angels of ForGIVEness. It is now online for you to download as an e-program so that you can clear and empower yourself at your own pace. 

You have downloadable audio programs that you can review again and again and again until you have attained the full measure of support each guided audio offers.

Here are some short and simple and powerful support tools that you can freely turn to again and again as you need do during these and coming times of the Great Shift in Consciousness to help clear and empower your chakras (energy centers)

These two sites feature different formats - so you can find one that is best for you.

Access the home-study chakra e-course at Lulu ~ in different formats ~ including mobile

Access the  home-study chakra e-course at Scribd  ~ PDF download

This chakra clearing and empowerment e-course is offered for special 11:11:11 pricing  - reduced from the full price.

If you cannot afford the suggested offering, please email to set up a donation, or work out a trade.

Proceeds from offerings are used to promote forgiveness and sustain our web and other costs.

Special price of $111.10 in keeping with the spirit of the times.  As with most of our offerings, you are welcome to make a donation for this course if you are short of funds and will receive the course by direct email rather than downloading it directly from the website if you pay by donation.

If you are drawn to access the course this way, just use the donation button at
and put a note on the donation page that you would like to receive the e-chakra home-study course. 

We also ask you to pay it forward by putting out the message of availability of these support tools to others in any way you can – rather it is word of mouth, email, blogs, social media, friends – however you share information.



FREE CHAKRA TONING AUDIO ~ Excerpt from 8 Chakra Home-Study eCourse



Free Audio Meditation

Little ForGIVEness Meditation ~  Free audio download of The little ForGIVEness Meditation + more audios and clearing stories at

Written Booklet - ebook or print version for purchase

"The little Book of ForGIVEness"  is a guided angelic meditation to help you begin the process of releasing and letting go. It is the written version of the free forgiveness audio 

Available as instant download at

Print Edition to purchase at

Quantity sales of booklet or brochure for organizations. Prices upon request to

 Individual Spiritual Guidance Sessions

A few slots currently available now. Availability limited by travel schedule. These include clearings and guidance of your issues as channeled by Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Council of Light as well as your guides. They work at a soul contract and soul mission level – helping you clear issues and karmic entanglements that arise in each session.

Sessions usually run approximately 2 hours. Included is an MP3 recording of our work together and include our discussion, then  some channeled information for you as the guides deem best.

Also included is a preliminary conversation before the session - usually by phone, but sometimes by email, where we discuss how the session will work, what you want to work on, and an invitation to the guides to come into your life and begin to help you clear and raise your vibration for the times ahead.

Session fee includes:

1 our time together on the phone
2 energetic work before and after the session, including angelic healing and intervention
3 email correspondence about things that come up round the session
4 MP3 audio files of our session
5 any other materials or references I am guided to send you to be of help on your present journey
6 Digital e-copy of "The little Book of ForGIVEness" ($10 value)

Payment of $275 may be made online before our session at the donation button at
The button is on the LEFT MARGIN BAR - scroll down a little.
You may use credit cards or paypal.

845-434-3829 anytime ~ calls usually go into voicemail. Allow time to return the call to you.

Read Client Feedback:

I hold you in the Creator’s Light.



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