Pat Crosby at Tipon Water Temple, Peru

Inspirational Writings by Pat Crosby

Inspirational Writings by Pat Crosby
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What would you like to ask an indigenous elder about forgiveness, 2012, etc

Dear Friends,

Next week I am honored to conduct in-depth audio interview with a major indigenous elder.  He travels throughout the world working with indigenous peoples.  He will share his journey of forgiveness and reconciliation that began in Boliva with his prayers to understand forgiveness.  

In this audio interview, he will share his 40 year journey of coming to understand what forgiveness is and how it has unfolded for native peoples.

He speaks from the heart, his distilled wisdom, and his great and ongoing work to uplift the peoples of the world.  

He has walked in the trenches and sees the light.

Your questions are welcome - in advance.  Kindly email them to

He will also be talking about the 2012 prophecies and the ascension process underway.