Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alison Ramer ~ Pat Crosby "Remove The Occupation From Your Mind" Audio Interview


Social Healing ~ "This Takes Work" ~ 
One Person at a Time

We caught Alison Ramer enroute to Jerusalem,
 just after an explosion rocked the city there. 
 She shares her hopes, dreams, and visions
 that give her the stamina to go back to the
 war zone and continue the fight for peace,
 justice, forgiveness and healing. In this
 passionate heartfelt statement, Alison
 shares the vision and hope that her 
generation share and how social media
 is helping them unify in their common humanity.

"...most of us choose not to harm one another and 

I condemn with compassion all others ... who feel the 
need to kill their relatives in order to be heard. I pray 
that we will look past our fear, hatred and anger towards the 
"other" and look towards the day  when the only disasters 
we'll have to deal with will be natural disasters." ~ Alison Ramer


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