Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heading to Peru for March Equinox 2013 Lake Titicaca Lemurian Grid Connection Mission

Packing for Peru tonight. So many blessings and great wishes and intentions from so many of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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The Sacred Journey trip site has a 

  • NEW STUDY GUIDE  for Lemurians

Anyone can utilize the study guide ~ whether you are going on the trip or not ~to learn more about the amazing dawn we are experiencing as we move into the New Beginning ~ the new energy.

You can still register for the trip, too. Not too late for you to come with us...

I hold you all in the HIGHEST golden vibrational light as we make this journey working hand-in-heart with spirit to help raise the vibration of our beloved earth planet, Mother Gaia.


Other News: 

March 2013 Sedona Journal published my article
"The Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid". 

You can read it HERE on my blog.

(Also good to subscribe to the Sedona Journal for many great articles and much information relevant to the shift.)


We have 5000 copies of a beautiful new edition of "The little Forgiveness Meditation" brochure. This brochure has been re-designed by a very gifted spiritually intuitive graphic artist. I think the angels were definitely sitting on her shoulder as she designed this beautiful  elegant masterpiece.

We'll be looking to distribute it in places who like angels and divine assistance to clear old hurts, traumas, bitter memories, grief, etc. and raise their vibration to the higher light.

I'll get more out on this distribution after the Peru trip. 

I'm just a little busy right now getting to Peru for the equinox~

I hold you all in the Creator's golden light.




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