Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'll be on internet radio tonight talking about the Peru 2013 sacred journey trip
7:00 PM Eastern time

 Replay will be available at this link.

We will be doing a lot of healing and regeneration on the trip - both for ourselves - and for Mother Earth. Reverend Mel will be workin
g with Signature Cell Healing and the 10 Principles ~ foundational principles for our trip. There is pre-trip training being offered, as well as follow-up teleconferences. We will be doing healing, energy work, grid work ~ and having fun and laughter ~ during our sojourn together.

Our authentic Peruvian shamans will be adding their empowered ceremonial initiations to the energies. I am especially looking forward to the crystal bowl sound healing/initiation we are doing at Machu Picchu!!! Wah!!!

2nd place will be the herbal/sacred plant infused solar hot tubs at the eco-retreat we are staying our first 4 days in the Sacred Valley :)))

Trip to Peru in February 2013

Trip to Peru in February 2013


Official Registration Page

This trip is under the guidance of The Golden Spirit of Lemuria, The Lemurian Council, The Cosmic Council of Light,  Reshel (feminine aspect of Lord Metatron that sees all is created in unconditional love), AA Michael, Kirael, Elsar (Elvin guide through Reverend Mel Morishige of the Honolulu Church of Light) ~ and other beings of love and light.

Basic explanation of Lemurian Grid

The Mayans call 2013 "The New Dream"

Link to this announcement and REPLAY


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