Sunday, September 01, 2013

Celebrate Labor Day and the Beginning of the Autumn Season with a Refreshing and Recharging Angel Circle Gathering! Catskill Mountains of New York

Leave your baggage behind and get ready for a fresh season...

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​Forgiveness is the most important energy on the planet right now...please help us release the heavy burden on the earth of accumulated toxic energy.​

Due to a special request from members of our community, we are going to have an Angel Gathering and Forgiveness Talk Circle and Guided Meditation 

Monday afternoon

September 2, 2013

This is your chance to get release from situations and persons that have held you down and depressed and have shackled your energy to old situations, memories, events, persons, etc...

Archangel Michael removing old toxic energies

We will gather beforehand to share food and fellowship from noon to 2.

Please bring organic conscious food as much as possible!

Vegetarian preferred as it is lighter for meditation breakthroughs.

2 - 5 PM

From 2-5 we will meet in ceremony and invoke the presence of our  angel friends to help us release any negativities and difficult situations from our past or ongoing.

During this time, we will have guided meditations and talk circle sharing on what breakthroughs and inspirations we are experiencing.

Specifically Archangel Michael and the Angels of Forgiveness will be invoked (specialists in removing old stuck energies) - as well as your own individual angels, guardians and spirits friends of light and love to help you move forward on your journey.

Angel sharing circles are always an uplifting, inspiring, freeing and energizing occurrence.

We will share Archangel Michael’s guided meditation on healing in the 5th Dimensional Pyramid of Light, as well as the guided meditation from the ForGIVEness Angels to unplug, detach, release and let go old energies and situations that no longer serve us.

  • You will leave this ceremony knowing how to do these meditations on your own for continuing healing and evolving your own consciousness.
  • You will receive a take-home full-color artistic brochure with step-by-step instructions for invoking the Angels of Forgiveness to help you release and let go.

In these ceremonies, we experience the transforming energies of grace, love and light from higher frequency dimensions of consciousness - freeing us from old baggage, memories, persons, events that keeps us at a limited level of awareness - so that we can move forward to the next level of our journey.

Through this process, you release self - and others - from unfortunate events that happened in your past.

The circle will be led by angel facilitator and messenger Pat Crosby.

Following the healing circle, we will either have a bonfire with roasted potatoes and other veggies (weather permitting) and/or enjoy more of potluck food offerings.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Noon to approximately 6 - 7 - 8 PM - depending on the weather and bonfire conditions.

     Noon to 1:45 PM

     1:45 PM to 5 PM

If you want to come only for the Angel Healing Circle,
please arrive by 1:45 and expect to leave around 5.

     5 PM til.... whenever... Allow at least one hour to eat and relax before driving home.

Hurleyville Heaven Retreat House and Residence
Hurleyville, NY 12747

If you are not sure where this is, please

EMAIL or RSVP by phone to get directions.

845.434.3829 US

Please bring a journal, pure drinking water and high-vibration food to share (if participating in meals and snacks).

Angel Healing Circle $45. 
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Less for couples, children, those on limited incomes.

Donations contribute to spreading the Angels of Forgiveness healing meditation.

You may contribute at the event, 

OR make a donation online 
(Use the donation button for credit card or paypal donation.)

If you are travelling - or want to spend a few days in the country mountains -
Email for info

Please let us know if you are coming!




"Untangling and unsnarling our own old twisted patterns, 
blocks, and knots that keep us from moving forward into our
 birthright of light and love ~

 Releasing and letting go of old past imprints and 
patterns that do not serve our highest good."

The Angels of ForGIVEness



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